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The real estate market, by 2021, should increase by 2.3%. More residential and nonresidential buildings will be created. Better deals will get sealed. Real estate agents will get busier. More rookie agents will join the industry. Competition among real estate agents will tighten. How then, as a real estate agent, would you stand out from your competitors? (Easy Choose Our Real Estate Digital Marketing Services) As with many industries, implementing a digital marketing strategy is the new norm. To get ahead of your competitors, you need to start taking digital marketing seriously as it is crucial for building brand awareness for you as a real estate agent, widening exposure, and attracting more eyeballs to your business. As a realtor, you may have experienced a major shift in the last ten years. Clients are beginning to buy houses in a different way, often beginning with online market research and a clear vision of precisely what they want out of their future home. For best-in-class realtors, digital marketing has come to the forefront of their marketing efforts. From generating new leads to completing successful sales, the real estate industry is now reliant on digital marketing.

Why digital marketing important for real estate?


Many people look up search engines for information

Today (more than ever), everyone turns to a search engine for virtually every piece of information. No one wants to waste time asking information from a friend or the next-door neighbour when, in a few minutes, a smartphone or computer can get the information. You’d, therefore, want to establish a presence online to boost brand visibility. After all, this is the place where your leads hang around and you do not want to miss out on people finding you in their searches. 

Effectiveness of video and mobile marketing

Mobile and video marketing has continued to prove its effectiveness. Several research confirmed that mobile ads campaigns are more effective than other online norms. Many people browse their websites using smartphones, so it’s not surprising to see why. Also, videos increase conversion. Video and mobile marketing is an investment. For example, landing pages with video tend to boost conversion by up to 80%, according to Hubspot. Watching a video that presents a product could facilitate the buying decision of a potential customer and convert the audience to leads. On top of that, search engines rank video content. Google is always on the lookout for content that engages the audience, and posting a video has been proved to be increase engagement (not surprising, given that YouTube is the second most visited website after Google)


Online reviews are important

As with any business, establishing credibility is critical. Online reviews are one of the easiest ways to gain trust and credibility from customers. On your Google business page, for example, customers can write a review of their experience of your services. A couple of positive reviews on your page can establish trust from prospective customers when deciding to try your service for the first time.  This trust is a significant factor in the real estate niche where you’re trying to entice your customers into parting with their money to make big investments in property. 

Ease of performance tracking

Physical banner printing might look like the real deal, but the question is, how well do they convert? How are you able to track your performance?  No way. You cannot monitor the number of people who viewed them per day or measure your success rate. With digital marketing strategies like pay per click (PPC), you can track your performance and see how well (or poorly) your ads are faring. That way, you’ll know where your traffic is coming from, what strategy to implement, what works for your campaign, and what doesn’t. 

Easier to reach the target audience

Not everyone in your locality will see or pay attention to your poster or banner put up around town. It becomes more challenging if you’re trying to reach people beyond your locality. That’s where digital marketing comes in handy. Digital marketing allows you to target and reach an audience beyond your locality — all in just a few clicks. Paid ads in digital marketing help you target those who are looking for landed properties and not just the uninterested general market. In a nutshell, your advertising can always reach the right audience with digital marketing. 

Everyone else is going digital

Almost all realtors are implementing or planning to implement one or multiple campaigns. Every realtor, including the newbies, is into digital marketing. So what are you waiting for? The digital marketing industry keeps growing every day and you should make haste to establish an online presence as soon as possible or be left behind.

YOU Want To Boost Your Real Estate Sales?

How We Boost Your Real Estate Sales? What do We do?

Develop an Email Campaign

No matter the industry, an email nurture campaign is a valuable tool in connecting with new leads and staying relevant with past clients. Ideally, a well-rounded campaign will funnel potential clients through predetermined actions based on their buyer profile and previous engagements with you. According to Smart Insights, the average open rate of emails for real estate businesses is around 27% with a click-through rate (CTR) of 3%. However, the more relevant your content is to a client, the more likely they will be interested in opening the email to see what you have to say.

Create a User-Friendly Website

How many times have you opened a website only to close it because it wouldn’t load fast enough? With so many photos and links, realtor websites can sometimes be a web developer’s nightmare. However, with the help of a professional web designer and a knowledge of what your clients are looking for, real estate professionals can develop a responsive website that is optimized for mobile browsing.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Pay-Per-Click – also known as PPC – advertising is an excellent strategy for realtors looking to generate new leads based on ads that they pay for every time the ad gets clicked on. PPC is a great digital marketing option for real estate professionals seeking potential clients who may genuinely be interested in their offering, as they only pay when someone clicks through their ad. Often, PPC ads can be targeted toward individuals who have searched for correlated keywords in Google or another search engine.


Create and Post Valuable Blog Content

Responsive websites that have a blog often have 434% more indexed pages, helping real estate professionals achieve better SEO. A blog is a fantastic way to level-up your SEO, build a positive reputation online, and provide your clients with actionable advice on buying or selling a home or piece of property. A real estate professional’s digital marketing strategy is nothing without valuable content, whether it’s shared on your website or social media. In addition to your responsive website, make sure that you regularly write content that buyers and sellers can come back to for answers to their most pressing real estate questions.

We Spend Time on SEO

SEO, or search engine optimization, is a critical technique to drive leads to your website. When done correctly, your website and web pages will show up higher on search engine results pages (SERPs) during relevant searches. However, Google and other search engines are constantly changing their algorithms, so it’s critical to focus on your SEO more than one time.


Create a Social Media Marketing Strategy

It’s one thing to post real estate-related content on your Facebook account every once in a while, but a full-fledged social media marketing strategy is what truly yields the results you’re looking for. If you’re experienced in digital marketing, you may realize just how difficult it can be to create a social media strategy and to post regularly across all channels.

We Don’t Just Grow Your Leads — We Also Convert Them

Studies show that approximately 87 percent of real estate agents fail during their first year because of a lack of skills and knowledge on how to generate leads for real estate business. More importantly, many real estate companies focus on how to get realtor leads but fall flat in creating a conversion plan.

Don’t know how to get more real estate leads and move them to your sales funnel?

Expertwork Digital Agency is one of the few real estate lead generation companies that offer comprehensive, user-centric conversion rate optimization (CRO) and real estate B2B lead generation services. Our lead generation real estate company implements a systematic real estate lead generation business approach, which involves:

  • Qualitative and quantitative research
  • Campaign A/B tests
  • An audit of the best real estate lead generation websites
  • Audience analysis
  • Analytics assessment
  • Strategy optimization

Why Choose Our Real Estate Marketing Services

Digital Marketing Professionals

Our real estate B2B lead generation agency boasts a team of experienced digital marketing professionals with a diverse marketing background. From real estate Facebook lead generation to email and video marketing, we can help you develop marketing strategies that address customer pain points. Tell us what you need and our real estate agent lead generation experts will take care of them for you.

Expert Consultations

Are there aspects of your lead generation real estate campaign you don’t understand? Have questions about how to get real estate leads with a limited budget and resources? Our real estate B2C lead generation firm offers a free consultation prior to your campaign launch to help you gauge your options and make informed decisions. Once you sign up with us, you also get monthly scheduled meetings with our experts, so you stay on top of your campaign development.

Full Campaign Management

We understand that running a real estate business and participating in local and national real estate gatherings and seminars can be a handful. That is why we take over your campaign management, from inception to completion to evaluation. All you have to do is focus on your client meetings and site visits while our real estate lead generation firm manages the technical aspects of commercial real estate lead generation for you.

Continuous Campaign Monitoring

Our job doesn’t stop at promoting your real estate business and engaging with clients. We assess the effectiveness of your realtor lead generation campaign and overall strategy to determine areas for improvement. Using analytics and advanced data tracking tools, we monitor your campaign metrics to master real estate lead generation marketing techniques that work well within your marketing budget.

Extreme Client Focus

Expertwork takes pride in being one of the most recognized real estate B2B lead generation companies that focuses on client success. We continuously strive to improve the quality of our real estate lead generation services to bring you an unprecedented growth rate and ensure your long-term profitability. Once you partner with us, you can expect our 100 percent commitment to achieving your goals.

You Want To Boost Your Real Estate Sales?

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